Written by Tara Burke, Illustrated by Mosskat Studios
Mosskat: If I have to draw the interior of that ship ever again...*twitch*
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Conchord Page – 47

[Ten Years Later…]
HA. HA HA HA HA. Haha… Haaaaa. Hi, everyone! That last month and a half of absence? That wasn’t our hiatus. That was just us going through a really rough month with real life stuff. We’re super, super sorry, but here is the last page of Chapter Two! THERE’S MORE TO COME I SWEAR! Now we shall get to work on doing all the stuff we promised to work on. Thanks for your patience! ;u;
mosskatHey guys, really sorry for how long this took. This page had to be reworked about three times and then photoshop decided to shred the file at the last minute. Not sure if anyone heard me screaming in the twitterverse. It was loud 8(. On top of that, as Tar said, real life stuff. Whoever it was that said making a comic while balancing real life was easy, needs to be shot. Repeatedly. With a chicken gun.
See you guys soon! We’ve got soooo much planned. Argh!

4 responses to “Conchord Page – 47”

  1. Ferril says:

    Sorry to hear bout all the trouble guys, glad to see that ya’ll are back though ^_^

    Good luck with all the stuff ya have planned~

  2. Collin says:

    This new page looks great!! And I’m happy to see you both back!! Take all the time you need taking care of the other stuff in your lives c:

  3. Hang in there you two~♥
    Real life troubles come first, especially if its anything to do with your well being. Glad to see you both back!

  4. MoonByte says:

    It’s ok 🙂
    Life can be a bitch, you just have to deal with it at times. And hey, the story is GOing now, so I’m not gonna complain 😉
    Are you still planning to do your hiatus sometime soon? I mean, if I read it correctly, then you still didn’t really have a calm break yet.

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Conchord Book 1 Page 47
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